Address Verification, Profile Confirmation, Office Verification, Document & Certificate Verification

When a person wish to apply for opening a New Bank Account, purchase any personal Insurance, connection of Telephone or Mobile or wish to apply for Credit Card, Loan for Bike, Car, Home etc. then the concern person must have to submit their credentials to the respective organization. The normal documents are Residential Address proof, Office Address proof, Identity Proof, Income proof etc. and the concerned organization require to check the authenticity of the documents provided by the applicant.

We at AbroDEX Consultancy provide our services to get Verified of the applicant’s details like, Residential Address, Office Address, Correspondence Address, Business Profile, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, AADHAR Card, Driving License, Educational Certificate, Income Tax Return, Bank Statement etc.

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Know about Apostille

The term Apostille has derived from French language and it could be defined as “The Hague Convention Abolishing the requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (FPD), the Apostille convention”. We provide Mea Apostille of Birth Certificate, Ministry of External Affairs Marriage Apostille Services, or The Apostille harmony is an International pact summarized by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Read More

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