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India is a big Exporter of Petroleum product, Precious stones, Automobile, Machinery, Bio-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cereals, Iron and steel, Textile, Electronics etc. When any India based Company wish to Export their products to another Company Oman or some Indian Company wish to setup their own Business in Oman, then they required some relevant documents (trade related) to be attested and Legalized from the Consular or Embassy of Oman present in India. The documents could be Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, We provide Export & Commercial Document Oman Embassy Legalization & Attestation.

The Attestation and Embassy Legalization process of Export or Commercial Document will start from the Attestation of Notary Public or Notarization. After Notarization the Commercial Document will be attested from any Chambers of Commerce, Government of India. There is around Twenty Six Chambers of Commerce present in India like, PHD Chambers of Commerce, Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Delhi Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) etc. After the Attestation of Chambers of Commerce the Commercial Document will be attested from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi. Later than the Commercial document finally will be Attested and Legalized by the Consular or Ambassador of Oman Embassy present in India.

The requirement of the documents for Exporting of any products or to establish any branch in Oman depends on the types of the products to be exported like if someone wish to export any eatable products then they require the Health Certificate which confirms the consumable product is not harmful of the consumer of the destination country, the Certificate of Origin which confirms the production Country of the product etc. and the destination Country. If you wish to Attest or legalize your Commercial Document from Oman Embassy or Consulate present in India, please contact us on +91-9718075097 or mail us and we’ll provide you all the information.

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